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Manga UP! Releases English Version of Dragon and Chameleon, The Unseen Duke Marriage Manga

Image provided by Manga Up! Global

Square Enix
Manga UP! Global
Ryō Ishiyama
Dragon and Chameleon
Ryū to Chameleon
) manga in English on Saturday. It also introduced writer
Maine Kanade
and artist
Mitsuru Tokino
The Marriage of the Unseen Duke
Hōtai Kōshaku no Kekkon Jijō
) manga on Sunday.

Fusemachi Hajime’s manga adaptation of Toshio Satō and illustrator Nao Watanuki’s, ‘Suppose a Kid From the Last Dungeon Boonies Moved to a Starter Town’ was also added to their growing library on January 19.

Update: Another addition to the Manga UP! Global library was Kiri Wazawa’s manga ‘The Morose Mononokean’, which was added to the roster on Tuesday.

Manga UP! provides a brief description of Dragon and Chameleon:

At the peak of the manga world sits Hanagami Garyo, a genius author celebrated for his best-selling title. Lurking in the shadows is the unknown rookie, Miyama Shinobu, who harbors a burning desire for recognition and fame. Fate intervenes and the two find themselves in each other’s bodies after an unfortunate mishap. As Hanagami battles to regain his rightful place and Miyama resists letting go of his newfound status, a fierce conflict ensues, risking both their identities and honor.

Ishiyama officially introduced the manga through Square Enix’s Gangan Joker in Nov 2022. The third assembled book volume was released on December 21.

It’s worth noting that the manga received the U-NEXT prize in the Next Manga Awards in 2023.

Image provided by Manga Up! Global

Manga UP!
offers this details about
The Marriage of the Unseen Duke:

Alfred, the head of the Besculey Duc family, is widely known as the “Bandaged Duke” and is feared due to his bandage-clad appearance. But when a sudden royal demand for him to get married comes into the picture, he is bound to obey. His bride, Sierra, strangely falls head over heels for Alfred…? This manga portrays the unique tale of a lonely duke’s marriage to a diva with the blessings of the goddess.!

The manga, by Kanade and Tokino, was first introduced in Square Enix’s Manga UP! in July 2022. The first volume was shipped by Square Enix on February 7.

Image provided by Manga Up! Global

Manga UP!
Suppose a Kid From the Last Dungeon Boonies Moved to a Starter Town as:

A boy with large ambitions sets off to the imperial capital to become a soldier, despite the reservations of his neighbors who consider him weak. However, when you live in a village that is the last outpost before the final dungeon and your ancestry is filled with heroes, being labeled ‘weak’ is a matter of perspective!

The light novel series was first released by GA Bunko in February 2017. Hajime Fusemachi launched the converted manga on the Gangan Online website in September 2017. Later, Square Enix Manga & Books released the manga adaptation in English.

By February 2022, there were 2.8 million copies (including novels and manga) in circulation of the ‘Suppose a Kid From the Last Dungeon Boonies Moved to a Starter Town’ light novel series.

The television anime version of the light novels debuted in January 2021 despite some delays. Funimation streamed the anime as it aired and later streamed an English dubbed version.

A slice-of-life spin-off manga based on the novel series, ‘Suppose a Kid From the Last Dungeon Boonies Worked at a Restaurant in a Starter Town’, by Souchu was launched in Square Enix’s Monthly Shonen Gangan magazine in January 2020 and ended in the March issue of Monthly Shonen Gangan in February 2022. The fourth and final volume of the manga was released by Square Enix in April 2022.

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