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Mari Yamazaki Announces Sequel to Thermae Romae Manga

Shonen Jump+, the platform, made an announcement on Thursday that Mari Yamazaki will be releasing the manga Zoku Thermae Romae, a continuation of her manga Thearme Romae, on February 6th. The updates of the manga will be released every Tuesday.

Image obtained from Mari Yamazaki’s X account

In this sequel, the character, Lucius, is 60 years old but he continues his travels between Ancient Rome and modern Japan.

The original manga was released in 2008 in the Comic Beam (Kadokawa) and concluded in March 2013. It inspired a three-episode anime in 2012 as well as two live-action films featuring Hiroshi Abe and Aya Ueto. In France, the manga is published by Casterman:

Living in Rome, in the second century AD under the reign of Hadrian, Lucius Modestus, an architect struggling with a creative block, finds a pathway that takes him to the 21st century, in a Japanese public bath during one of his spa sessions! Amidst astonishment and wonder, will Lucius be able to harness this amazing discovery to jump start his career?

A new anime titled Thermae Romae Novae surfaced in March 2022. It is accessible on Netflix.

Source: Shonen Jump+, Mari Yamazaki’s X account

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