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Masaki Hattori, Keishi Ayasato Start Manga Adaptation of Carneades by rurudo

Kadokawa’s Dragon Age magazine, through their Twitter account, proclaimed on Monday that Masaki Hattori, famed for his input in ‘Smile of the Arsnotoria the Animation,’ and Keishi Ayasato, known for his work in ‘Torture Princess – Fremd Torturchen,’ will collaborate for a new series. This new endeavor is constructed on light novels featuring the artistic creations of illustrator rurudo, specifically the character Carneades. The platform of choice for this novel series is Kadokawa’s Dra Dra Flat♭. While Hattori is tasked with the illustrations, Ayasato will handle the storyline.

Picture via Twitter account of Dragon Age magazine

The publishing of the light novels containing the character Carneades, started by Kadokawa, made its first appearance in September 2023. The sequel to the series was available to the public as of this last Thursday.

The manga adaptation of the smartphone role-playing game, ‘Warau Arsnotoria,’ provided by Nitroplus was introduced by Hattori in the issue of Kadokawa’s Monthly Dragon Age magazine, in June 2022. The release was set up for July that year.

With the guidance of the illustrator Karuki Mura, Ayasato first presented the light novel series ‘Bride of Demise’ in July 2020.

Ayasato is also credited for writing the ‘Torture Princess – Fremd Torturchen’ light novel series, with Saki Ukai complementing the storytelling with her illustrations. Yen Press, who was responsible for making the novel series available to the public, also signed for Hina Yamato’s manga adaptation of the novels. The combined volume was available in July 2019 by Yen Press.

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