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MFINDA Afro-Anime Film by N LITE Discloses Additional Staff Members

According to The Hollywood Reporter, an entertainment news outlet, on Thursday it was disclosed that
Viola Davis and Julius Tennon‘s company, JuVee Productions, announced a collaboration with the multimedia organization N LITE in the production of MFINDA, an “afro-anime” or “AFRIME.” The news website also unveiled additional staff involved in the project.

On the directing team is Arthell Isom, associated with D’Art Shtajio, as a co-director. The script is penned by Mika Abe, well known for Forest of Piano. The executive producers include Davis, Tennon, Melanie Clark from JuVee’s film department, Studio M2‘s Taro Maki, and GKIDS‘s Eric Beckman.

The project MFINDA is being produced by MAPPA‘s Masao Maruyama, known for his work on In This Corner of the World, Tokyo Godfathers and Summer Wars. The director is Gisaburō Sugii, known for Touch, Jack to Mame no Ki, Night on the Galactic Railroad, Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie. The co-production partner is US animation producer and distributor GKIDS.

Christiano Malik Terry, the person behind N LITE, leads N LITE Japan alongside Shin Koyamada (from The Last Samurai, Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior) and Shigeru Igari, a previous CEO of Atlus. N LITE is the main producer of MFINDA in Japan. The screenplay is authored by Donald H. Hewitt, known for the English adaptation of Spirited Away‘s and MFINDA creator Patience Lekien. Patience Lekien and Christiano Malik Terry are recognized for the story’s creation.

N LITE presents the plot of MFINDA as follows:

The narrative of MFINDA revolves around a young girl named Odi who travels back in time and teams up with another young girl, Nasambi. They are compelled to embark on a journey into the MFINDA and face malicious spirits to recover the Nkisi, the only hope for Odi to return to her time.

N LITE is enthusiastic about producing Black and Indigenous stories working hand in hand with world creators. AFRIME, their hand-drawn 2D animation, is their brand-new venture. Along with the films and TV series under AFRIME, N LITE Japan has future initiatives based on anime and manga IP in the pipeline.

Sources: Email exchange, The Hollywood Reporter (Author: Mia Galuppo)

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