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Mohiro Kitoh Illustrates Final Chapter of His No-Boulder Manga

Renowned Mohiro Kitoh, a mangaka famous for the creation of Bokurano, recently revealed on his personal X account that he has embarked on the journey of sketching the final chapter of his manga, no-bolder. A sketch was also unveiled this Sunday. However, detailed information about the release of this concluding chapter remains unknown.

Image courtesy of Shinchosha website

The title started
on the website,
Kurage Bunch
starting July 2021.
published its very first volume in January 2022, and the fourth volume is
for release on March 8th.

The story revolves around Tôko Morishita, a 23-year-old office employee who enjoys climbing and pushing her boundaries further every day.

Kitoh is the creator of Bokurano, which was serialized in the magazine Ikki by Shogakukan from 2004 to 2011. This title inspired an anime of the same name, produced by the studio GONZO, which was released in 2007. Its French version has been published by Akita.

In February 2020, Kitoh and Minoru Kaede unveiled the title Yorishiro Trunk on the website ComicDays by Kodansha. This work was concluded with its third volume in September 2021.

Last but not least, both Kitoh and Tôma launched Nôryoku: Shujinkô Hosei in November 2019 and brought it to a conclusion in January 2021.

Source: X account of Mohiro Kitoh

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