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‘My Back Novels’ Receive Manga Adaptation

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On Tuesday, the announcement came from the current edition of Kadokawa‘s Ciel magazine that the light novel series You Can Have My Back by Minami Kotsuna will witness a transformation into a manga series. The new manga version will debut in the forthcoming May issue, with Ayano Yamane taking charge of the illustrations, while the narrative will be dealt by Eiki Eiki.

Yen Press, the publishing company that brings the Yen Press novels to English readers, summarizes the tale as:

In his new life as Leorino, the fourth son of a margrave and blessed with angelic looks, remembers his former existence as Ionia, a valiant knight who died in action. His dreams are filled with memories of his tragic romance with Prince Gravis and his untimely death caused by a turncoat. However, upon facing the defector as Leorino, he gets imprisoned instead! With his life at stake, he begins to call out to a friend from the past as his only chance for survival…

The light novel series was initially published by Kadokawa as part of its Ruby Collection in Japan, with the first volume coming out in March 2021, followed by the fifth volume in September 2022. English readers can pick up the second volume by Yen Press since November 21. They can also look forward to the third volume, which is set to be available from June 18th.

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