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NEET Kunoichi Manga Starts TV Anime Series, Nazeka Dōsei Hajimemashita

Anime Announcement By ‘Quad’ Studio

On Saturday, the animation production company Quad, announced their next project. They will be adapting Yakitomato and Kotatsu’s manga NEET Kunoichi to Nazeka Dōsei Hajimemashita (Inexplicably, I Commenced Living with a NEET Kunoichi) into a television series.

Working under the umbrella of the Quad, Hisashi Saito (known for their work in Bamboo Blade, Haganai, and Heaven’s Lost Property) will be steering the direction of the anime. The project involves an array of talented individuals such as Takashi Aoshima to oversee series scripts and Masahiko Suzuki for character design. The music composition for the series will be handled by CMJK, known for contributing theme songs in Eyeshield 21 and Puzzle & Dragons X.

Additional crew on the project includes:

The leading characters in the anime will be voiced by Hinaki Yano, who’ll be lending her voice to Shizuri Ideura, and Shōya Ishige, who will voice Tsukasa Atsumi. Well-known voice actor Shigeru Chiba will be the narrator for the series.

The series narrative revolves around Tsukasa, an ordinary office worker, who finds himself in an unexpected situation when he is assailed by demons and subsequently rescued by a skilled Kunoichi named Shizuri in her downtime, she is an idle otaku NEET. In an unusual twist of events, Tsukasa and Shizuri start sharing a living space, with Tsukasa using his domestic skills to cater to Shizuri while she guards his life.

The 10th compiled volume of the original manga was digitized and released by Number Nine, in March 2023. Meanwhile, Kadokawa has been publishing the physical copies of the manga and released the third volume in March 2023.

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