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New Hoshino-kun, Shitagatte! Manga Launched by Makoto Ojiro

Makoto Ojiro, renowned for his work on Insomniacs After School, just released a brand new manga called Hoshino-kun, Shitagatte! or, in English, Hoshino-kun, Please Follow My Lead!. This work was published in the 10th issue of this year’s Shogakukan‘s Weekly Big Comic Spirits magazine on Monday. The manga’s original idea is a credit to Hoshino Disco, one half of the popular comedy duo Parpar.

Picture courtesy of Weekly Big Comic Spirits

The storyline of this romantic comedy, which revolves around complete surrender, features Hoshino, a boy from the school’s baseball team who discovers his classmate Yamada in tears after being robbed.

Ojiro first presented the Insomniacs After School manga to the public in May 2019, which ran in the Weekly Big Comic Spirits until its conclusion in August 2023. Shogakukan released the complete 14th book volume of the manga on October 12. Viz Media has acquired the English publishing rights to the manga and intends to launch the fifth volume on March 19.

The manga was the source material for an anime version that debut in Japan in April 2023. HIDIVE provided live streaming facilities for the series as it aired in Japan. In 2019, the artwork from the manga graced the music video of ‘Enshin’ (Centrifuge) performed by the rock band Macaroni Enpitsu.

Moreover, the manga’s success led to a live-action cinema version, which made its first appearance in Japan’s theaters in June 2023.

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