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New Manga Features Doronjo, Yatterman’s Villain, in Another World

The portal MAGKAN (Mag Garden) released the opening chapter of a brand new manga featuring Doronjo, the villainess from the manga Yatterman, on the 1st of January. The manga is called Doronjo-asma wa Tenseishitemo, Akuyako Reijô no Mama datta (translation: even if Doronjo is reincarnated, she remains evil).

Image source: Comic Natalie

The plot revolves around Doronjo and her gang, who are whisked away to another world after being defeated by Yatterman. Consistent with their nature, they aim to conquer this new world.

In 2022, Yatterman marked its 45th anniversary with a live-action series titled Tatsunoko Pro Sôritsu 60-shûnen kinen WOWO, which too was dedicated to Doronjo. This project also celebrated the 50th anniversary of the studio.

Tatsunoko Production commemorated the 40-year landmark of the franchise in 2015 with the anime Yatterman Night (or Yoru no Yatterman) which focused on a descendant of Doronjo.

The original anime series was aired in 1977, and the first animated film of the franchise was released in the same year. New anime episodes began airing in Japan in 2008, spanning 60 episodes, followed by an animated film the subsequent year. A live-action film has also been released.

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