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New Manga Mini-Series by Usamaru Furuya Launches on February 20

The fourth edition of this year’s Shogakukan‘s Big Comic Original periodical revealed on Monday that acclaimed manga artist Usamaru Furuya is geared up to unfold a fresh manga mini-series named Oshi ga Shinda Asa (The Morning my Favorite Died). The magazine will feature this new work in their forthcoming issue on February 20.

Image courtesy of Big Comic Original’s website

The fascinating narrative of the mini-series revolves around a woman who, at the tender age of 23, vowed to back her preferred stage actor till demise, even if it necessitates utilizing her own wealth. Five decades have passed since the death of her fair-haired actor. Now she is in her twilight years, staying in a retirement home, and surrounded by the keepsakes of her favorite actor. Unexpectedly, she finds herself in the middle of an unforeseen difficulty.

In September 2022, Furuya concluded the first chapter of his Lunatic Circus manga. The manga itself had been introduced by Furuya in August 2020. The manga’s third planned book edition was released by Shinchosha in November 2022.

In January 2017, Furuya started the manga Amane Gymnasium in Kodansha‘s Morning two periodical, it later ended in August 2020.

Apart from these, mangas created by Furuya encompass Teiichi no Kuni, No Longer Human, 51 Ways to Save Her, Genkaku Picasso, and Lychee Light Club. Among his works, 51 Ways to Save Her wasannounced by DC Comics’ CMX Manga but it remained unreleased before the company closed in 2010. Genkaku Picasso was distributed by Viz Media in English while Vertical published Lychee Light Club and No Longer Human in English.

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