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New One Piece Heroines Light Novel Released

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A new entry to the One Piece franchise was announced recently by Shueisha in its latest directory, a light novel titled, ONE PIECE novel HEROINES [Colorful], set to be launched on March 4. The novel is being written by Jun Esaka and illustrated by Sayaka Suwa.

The light novel brings into focus characters like Hancock, Tashigi, Reiju, Uta, Nami, and Robin.

“Episode: Hancock” brings to light the return of one of Hancock’s crew members after a lengthy period missing at sea. Just as she’s about to share her heartfelt tale of love at sea, a storm rolls in.

The “Episode: Tashigi” revolves around Tashigi’s attempts to impart her skills as a swordswoman to a young girl who sees a lot of herself in Tashigi.

“Episode: Reiju” spotlights a captivating culinary journey featuring Reiju and her brothers, attempting to whip up a meal without a chef onboard.

In “Episode: Uta” portrays how Uta, engaged in a beautiful moment of nostalgia with Shanks and the Red Hair Pirates, composes and sings a brand-new song.

The “Extra Episode: Nami & Robin” explores how the two manage to find time for self-pampering amidst their sea voyage, thanks to Chopper and Brook’s assistance.

The Heroines series of light novels initially made its debut in the year 2021, with the first novel focusing solely on Nami’s adventures.

Shueisha‘s dedicated periodical for the One Piece manga series created by Eiichiro Oda, the One Piece Magazine, has contributed to previous serializations of novelist Shō Hinata‘s One Piece: Ace’s Story, also known as One Piece novel A. Hinata kick-started the novels’ serialization in the One Piece Magazine back in September 2017. The two compiled volumes were eventually published by Shueisha in April and June 2018. It wasn’t until May of 2020 that Viz Media got the license for the novel series and released the first volume.

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