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New Trailer Released for Sympathy Kiss Game

Descriptive promotional footage for the highly anticipated visual novel Sympathy Kiss has been released on the international YouTube channel of Idea Factory. They also announced that preorders for the physical game are now available.

This new game will become available both online and in-store for Nintendo Switch users in both North America and Europe on February 27. On top of the game, the special edition provides a bonus of an Official Hardcover Art Book, an audio drama featuring the official soundtrack, an exclusive branded travel tumbler, and several other premium gifts.

The game description provided by the creators is as follows:

The protagonist is Akari Amasawa, who has spent a year as a designer at mobile app developer Estario. Though she does not completely despise her job, she also doesn’t hold any particular passion for it. After her performance evaluation, she gets an opportunity to become part of the Estarci team.

The Estarci application is named after the company and was a news app that garnered significant attention at launch. However, it has now slipped behind its competitors, including other apps by Estario. The management team has given the app a final lifeline before shutting it down completely. Saving the app from obsolescence will demand the maximum effort from Akari and her newfound colleagues.

Will Akari discover her true love? What career path will truly satisfy her aspirations? Will the app be rescued, or will it be abandoned? Was the given opportunity just a ploy to fire her?!

Sympathy Kiss masterfully intertwines a corporate environment with personal advancement in this exciting office romance and life drama!

The high-calibre voice cast features:

The game was first introduced by Otomate for Nintendo Switch during November of 2022.

Information credits: International Idea Factory channel on YouTube, and emails

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