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New Yuri Manga Series Debuts in February by Sometime

In an announcement made by Ichijinsha‘s Comic Yuri Hime, it has been divulged that author Suoh, together with manga artist sometime, are about to kickstart the new manga series Gakeppuchi Reijō wa Kurokishi-sama wo Horesasetai! (The lady teetering on the cliff’s edge desires to have the Dark Knight fall for her!). The manga is set to begin with the April issue, which will be made available to the public as of February 17.

Image shared by sometime on Twitter

Within this narrative, we witness the story of Clarice. Clarice, a less privileged young woman, becomes part of a political marriage that binds her to the dark knight, a man whose ruthless reputation strikes fear across the kingdom.

Prior to this, sometime concluded the Hōkago Sai-Tensei! (After-school Re-Reincarnation) manga on July 24. The popular manga creator debuted this manga series in Manga Time Kirara Forward in January 2022.

In the meantime, Seven Seas, a publisher, has committed to publishing sometime‘s Superwomen in Love (otherwise known as Hero-san to Moto Onnakanbu-san) manga in English. sometime originally unveiled the manga on the pixiv‘s Yuri-Hime website in October 2018, and its production ended in July 2022.

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