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Nintendo Switch Successor Launching in Q1 2025, Reports Say

Renowned journalist from Brazil, Pedro Henrique Lutti Lippe claimed in a video on Friday that the successor to the Nintendo Switch console is allegedly scheduled to hit the market in the first quarter of 2025, based on information from five different sources. In the wake of this announcement, Video Games Chronicle (VGC), Eurogamer, and Bloomberg all reported similar news based on separate inside sources. However, a representative from Nintendo declined to comment on the matter.

In another revelation made earlier in January, BNN Bloomberg cited analyst Hiroshi Hayase from Omdia, a tech research and advisory group, who stated that Nintendo is planning to release a new gaming console this year with an 8-inch LCD screen. He further added that this new development would likely lead to a significant increase, specifically a doubling, in the number of “amusement displays” shipments throughout the year.

Moreover, back in May 2023, electronics manufacturing company Sharp confirmed that it was not just supplying LCD panels, but also actively collaborating with a company to develop a new gaming console.

Last month, the Game Developers Conference (GDC) shared the outcomes of its comprehensive “State of the Game Industry Survey,” which is now in its 12th year. Through this survey, more than 3,000 game developers were asked about their professional experiences and their view of the gaming industry. The results showed that 8% of these developers have been working on projects for the Nintendo Switch’s successor console, while 32% indicated that this emerging platform is something that excites them greatly at the moment.

As a background, the Nintendo Switch made its debut in the gaming world in March 2017. As of December 31, this console has achieved sales of 139.36 million units. Interestingly, the Switch has outperformed Sony‘s PlayStation 4 and Nintendo‘s Game Boy/Game Boy Color becoming the third best-selling console in history as of the end of 2022, falling behind only the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS.

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