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Original Anime Pon no Michi Gets Unofficial Manga Spin-off

The website YanMaga Web (Kodansha) launched the manga Pon no Michi: Ryûkyoku Shânyû-hen by Jun Endô and the Pon No Michi Production Committee. This is a spin-off from the original Mah-jong anime Pon no Michi.

Image via YanMaga Web

The image above reads “the over-hyped official “unauthorized” spin-off” of the anime Pon no Michi. It tells the story of five high school girls living in an Onomichi city mahjong establishment, in Hiroshima prefecture. Endô describes this manga, and here is our translation:

It’s not a “WHAT IF” story about these high-school girls, ten years later. The title and characters might be the same but it’s entirely unique! So pardon me! An unofficial spin-off showing the circumstances of the adults begins.

Tsukasa Unohana (Anima Yell!) has offered a manga adaptation of the anime on September 1st in Nakayoshi<§cite> (Kodansha). Its single volume is scheduled to be published on January 12th.

The anime debuted on January 5th as part of the Animeism program, on channels such as TBS, MBS and BS-TBS.

Its cast features including:

The story takes place in the city of Onomichi, in Hiroshima Prefecture. Nashiko Jippensha, a high school student, is thrown out of her home. With nowhere else to go to play with her friends, she learns that the place where her father used to play mahjong is empty, and decides to take it over to make it a comfortable living space.

The original story credits go to IIS-P. Tatsuma Minamikawa (Fire Force, Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry) is in charge of the direction and scripts, at the OLM studio. Negi Haruba (The Quintessential Quintuplets) came up with the original character designs, which were adapted for the animation by Kenji Ôta (Pokémon XY). Pon no Michi All Stars perform the opening theme, Ponpopopon, featuring Kana Nakada, a former Nogizaka46 member and professional mahjong player. The ending theme, Good Luck Waker, is performed by halca.

Source : Yanmaga Web

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