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Original TV Anime Shūmatsu Train Announces Opening Theme, April Debut in Video

The anime company Kadokawa recently released a second promotion video for their new, original anime series called “Shūmatsu Train Doko e Iku?” (Which roughly translates to “Where Does the Doomsday Train Go?”). On Thursday, they shared that the show is set to premiere in April. A notable highlight from the promotional video is the introduction of the opening theme song titled “GA-TAN GO-TON”, which was composed and performed by Rei Nakashima.

Furthermore, Kadokawa also unveiled the additional members of the production staff during the announcement which include:

The primary voice cast for the anime series includes:

  • Azumi Waki voicing the character Nadeshiko Hoshi, also known as Nadeko
  • Erisa Kuon who will lend her voice to Reimi Kuga
  • Hina Kino as the character Akira Shinonome
  • Chika Anzai taking on the role of Shizuru Chikura

The show’s director is Tsutomu Mizushima who is known for his work on other successful anime series such as “Girls und Panzer” and “Shirobako”. The animation production is being handled by EMT Squared. Overseeing the series scripts is Michiko Yokote, known for her work on notable series like “Shirobako”, “Prison School”, “Cowboy Bebop”, and “Rurouni Kenshin”. The original character design was made by Asako Nishida, who is also responsible for the adaptation of these designs into the animation as the chief animation director.

The plot of the anime is rather atypical, featuring a small town in the countryside where an unusual event befalls its inhabitants. The protagonist, a young girl named Shizuru Chikura, is driven by the need to find a missing friend. Along with three other girls, they embark on a journey on an outdated train, venturing into the outside world where survival is uncertain. They follow the tracks of the so-called “Doomsday Train”, unaware of what their final destination holds.

In celebration of Railway Day, which commemorates the 150th anniversary of the first railway in Japan, Kadokawa announced the creation of this anime in October 2022.

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