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Plus-Sized Elf Manga by Synecdoche Adapted into TV Anime This Year

Akita Shoten, a well-known publishing company, revealed on Monday that “Plus-Sized Elf,” a manga series by Synecdoche will be turned into a TV anime adaptation this year. The character Elfuda will be voiced in the anime by actress Ayasa Itō

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Plus-Sized Elf

was first released on
Wani Books

Comic Gum
website in December 2016. By October 2020,
Wani Books
had published the seventh volume. After a six month
in May 2021, the manga switched publishers to
Akita Shoten
. The manga restarted
in October 2021 within
Akita Shoten
Dokodemo Young Champion
magazine not long before the publishing of an eighth volume in November 2021 by
Akita Shoten
. In June 2022,
Akita Shoten
began the re-publication of the first seven volumes of the original work.

The publishing company Seven Seas Entertainment is currently publishing an English version of the manga. The story revolves around:

Naoe-kun, a masseuse, is set to go home after a long day when an unusual client walks in. With green eyes, pointed ears, and her upbringing in the forest, she fits the description of an “elf.” However, there’s one thing that stands out: her well-endowed body. After moving from her world, she developed a love for junk food, and now struggles with the consequences. Now, Naoe-kun is tasked with helping the charming elf lady shed those extra pounds, and also ensuring she stays fit.

In addition, the company is also launching new editions with unique cover designs.

Synecdoche introduced Plus-Sized Elf: Second Helping often referred to as (Shin Plus-Sized Elf) to LINE Manga in November 2021 as the succeeding sequel of the preceding Plus-Sized Elf manga. The manga’s third volume is set to be published by Akita Shoten on January 26. Seven Seas is simultaneously publishing an English version of the manga.

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