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Pokémon Ecarlate and Pokémon Violet: Pêchaminus Revealed in Video

Nintendo unveiled on Monday a fresh teaser for the DLC The Hidden Treasure of Zero Zone from the game Pokémon Scarlet/Violet; the video introduces Pêchaminus, a Pokémon with poison/ghost powers who exercises control over its victims – humans and Pokémon alike with contaminated mochis.

This concluding element will only be attainable for players who have completed the main storyline of the DLC, in addition to a distinct event in the base game.

Image courtesy of Pokémon franchise’s X account

The DLC received its initial chapter on January 11, that saw the return of its rival characters.

The first segment of the DLC, Turquoise Mask, was released on September 13. The sequel, Indigo Disc, came out on December 14. Here’s its summary:

Partake in a student exchange endeavour and journey to the recently inaugurated Blueberry Institute, put on its uniform and immerse yourself in the daily life of this unique location, constructed largely under the ocean and specializing in Pokémon fights. Also get acquainted with Terapagos, the legendary Pokémon and its sparkling aura!

Both games were launched on the Switch on November 18.

You are invited on an adventure in the region of Paldea, a sprawling open world dotted with lakes, towering peaks, desert expanses and perilous mountain chains. Experience this novel adventure at your own pace by following three significant narratives as you desire. Challenge the eight Arena Champions of the region in any sequence you prefer and strive for the Master’s rank!

Register in the prestigious school located in the heart of Paldea and study side by side with Pokémon. You will also be entrusted with a special extracurricular project known as “Treasure Hunt”, a wonderful outing that will allow you to improve your Trainer skills in Pokémon!

The school allows students to wear a variety of uniforms, ranging from short sleeves to warmer jackets. Personalize your Trainer’s eyes, mouth, hairstyle, and eyebrows, and collect a broad range of accessories to create your custom style!

Source : YouTube from Nintendo France

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