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Pretend Manga, Sukeban Deka Ends March 6

The upcoming March release of Akita Shoten‘s Monthly Princess magazine revealed on Tuesday that Sukeban Deka Pretend, a manga by Shingi Hosokawa and Sai Ihara, will see its closure in the magazine’s next release dated March 6.

The manga, a derivative work of Shinji Wada‘s Sukeban Deka, made its debut in Monthly Princess in August 2021. Wada is acknowledged for the original creation, while Ihara is in charge of the narrative and Hosokawa is responsible for the illustration. The storyline revolves around a jovial girl named Asami who attends Takanoha High School, and her adventures that start with the discovery of a peculiar yo-yo and another girl who is just as mysterious.

Akita Shoten was in charge of the publication of the manga’s third bound volume in March 2023. The manga had to cease temporarily operations in January 2022 due to the unfortunate passing of members of Hosokawa’s family.

Wada’s renowned Sukeban Deka manga is centered around a high school miscreant named Saki Asamiya who makes a pact with law enforcement to probe her former school and dismantle illegal gang activities, all in return for her mother’s acquittal. Equipped with her metallic yo-yo, she takes on the Mizuchi sisters who virtually run the school.

Precedently, the Sukeban Deka series gave rise to two additional manga. Saori Muronaga introduced Toki o Kakeru Sukeban Deka (The Sukeban Deka Who Leapt Through Time) in the Monthly Princess magazine in January 2021, which reached its end in June 2023. Ashibi Fukui initiated the still-continuing Re: Sukeban Deka manga in the same periodical in February 2021.

The deceased Wada had initially serialized the manga in Hakusensha‘s Hana to Yume magazine from 1976 to 1982. The manga progressed to inspire an anime video project in 1991, and many fan-favorite live-action television shows and films in the 80s. A 2006 live-action movie was also created as a result of this manga’s influence.

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