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Princess Peach: Showtime! Game Revealed in New Video

Nintendo has released a brand new trailer for their game Princess Peach: Showtime! today. The trailer provides us with a glimpse into the exciting new transformations of Princess Peach: Peach Nina, Peach Western, Peach Epee, Peach Detective, Peach Pastry Chef, and Peach Kung-fu.

The game is set to be launched on Nintendo Switch on the 22nd of March next year.

As Princess Peach and her companions venture to the Sparkle Theatre to watch a performance, the notorious Syrah and her evil Grappe suddenly emerge to seize the stage! The performance that was positioned to be perfect suddenly spirals into chaos, and now it is up to Peach to salvage the situation!

Nintendo had previously introduced another game centered around the princess, titled Super Princess Peach, which was launched on Nintendo DS in 2005 in Japan and the following year in western regions.

Source: Press release

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