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PS5, PS4 Versions of Ys Memoire: The Oath in Felghana Game Launch in Japan on May 23

In an announcement made on Friday, Nihon Falcom disclosed the release date for the updated version of Ys Memoir: The Commitment in Felghana, planned for distribution on PlayStation models 5 and 4. Initially launched on the Nintendo Switch, this reimaging of the original Nihon Falcom’s Ys: The Pledge of Felghana game is set to be available in Japan from May 23.

Photo shared via Nihon Falcom’s Twitter handle

The action-role-playing game made its debut on the Nintendo Switch platform for the Japanese fanbase in April 2023.

Originally, Nihon Falcom launched Ys: The Pledge of Felghana in Japan in June 2005 for PC users, followed by a subsequent release for PlayStation Portable in 2010. XSEED Games brought to market an English rendition for PSP in the same year, and two years later for the PC. The game’s core storyline, as narrated by XSEED is available here.

In an unexpected twist at the end of a tour full of thrills, Ys: The Pledge in Felghana introduces the characters Adol and Dogi, the heroes of the Ys series, on an unplanned visit to Dogi’s native town of Redmont in Felghana. It’s evident from the moment they arrive that a lot has changed since Dogi departed years ago. The town’s perimeters are beset by ruthless monster mobs, a previously dormant volcano is now active, and the new lord imposes heavy taxes on the inhabitants. As Adol and Dogi start unravelling Felghana’s current predicaments, every lead they stumble upon brings them closer to the shocking revelation that these incidents are entwined, and it is up to them to rescue Felghana.

Ys: The Pledge of Felghana is, in fact, a recreation of Ys III: Nomads from Ys, the third version in the line of sequels. This classic piece was first available to gamers in 1989.

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