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Rabbits Kingdom Movie Announced for June 14 Release in Japan

Image Source: Rabbits Kingdom the Movie’s official X account

The official X account of the
series revealed on the 26th of December that the

Rabbits Kingdom the Movie
is slated to release in Japan on June 14.

Four more cast members have also been announced for the film, including:

  • Shintarô Asanuma playing the role of Lapin, a minister of the Black Rabbit Kingdom
  • Kaoru Marimura portraying Kalavinka, the Queen of the Bird Tribe
  • Tatsuhisa Suzuki taking on the character of Rôen, King of the Wolf Tribe
  • Shinnosuke Musashi in the role of Mousse, King of the Mouse Kingdom

The title was
set for a winter 2023 release but
was delayed
to the summer of 2024 due to “various circumstances.” This film is the inaugural project commemorating the franchise’s 10-year anniversary and is based on the fifth stage play that speaks a theoretical scenario of “what if?” set “somewhere in the country”.

The film sees the collaboration of Masayoshi Ozaki as the director, Ryûichirô Itsumi on scriptwriting, Akiko Nakano on storyboards, Taeko Satô as the chief animation director, Minoru Akbia as the art director, and character original design by Jiku. The animation production is handled by Studio Sign.

Tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION is a musical anime and audio drama that depicts anthropomorphized months. The franchise focuses on two groups: the Tokyo idol unit Six Gravity (representing December through May) and their rivals, Procellarum (whose members originate from Western Japan, representing June through November).

The initial season premiered in July 2016.

It’s part of the broader Tsukino Talent Production (TsukiPro) franchise, which also gave rise to the TsukiPro the Animation anime that features four additional groups: SOARA, Growth, SolidS, and QUELL. This series debuted in October 2017.

It was followed by Tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION 2, which was released on October 7, 2020, after several delays from its originally planned 2019 launch.

Sources: Official Site and Official X Account (2nd Link) of Rabbits Kingdom the Movie, Comic Natalie

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