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Retired Samurai & Corgi Manga, Tono to Inu, Becomes Anime

Flex Comix revealed on Thursday that manga artist Rie Nishida‘s work Tono to Inu (The Lord and the Dog) is set to receive an anime adaptation. To commemorate the news, Nishida created the following illustration.

Picture from Comic Natalie

Picture from Amazon

The narrative of the manga is centered around a formidable samurai who was once a menace in combat owing to his unmatched abilities. But after his clan was decimated, he began to lead a quiet and humble existence, with his terrifying visage being the only remaining testament to his past life as a warrior. His mundane existence is interrupted on a fateful day when he stumbles upon an intriguing corgi dog who he becomes quite fond of, setting the stage for their shared life journey.

Nishida debut the manga on Flex Comix’s Comic Polaris manga service in March 2021. Flex Comix then published the manga’s second compiled book volume in May 2023, and announced plans to release the third volume on February 15.

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