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RoOT/Route of Odd Taxi Live-Action TV Series Cast Revealed

The official Twitter feed for Takeichi Abaraya and original creator Kadzuya Konomoto’s live-action RoOT/Route of Odd Taxi series announced additional members of the cast in a post on Wednesday.

Picture credit: Twitter account of RoOT/Route of Odd Taxi live-action series

The show will feature Yumi Kawai playing the role of detective Reina, a 19 year-old, and Ryota Bando as an unfortunate yet hopeful investigator named Sato, as previously disclosed.

Daisuke Kuroda will portray the role of Ibusuki, the head of the detective agency where Reina and Sato are operational. Mary Sara will be seen in the role of Akamichi, a mysterious helper in their investigations. Rio Teramoto will play Kanon, a popular hostess and a friend of Reina’s from high school. Hinako Kikuchi will play the role of a teenage girl who disappears. Rui Nikaido, the lead singer for the in-story idol trio Mystery Kiss, will be played by Reno Nakamura, a member of the real-life idol group Nogizaka46. Shiho Ichimura, a member of the Mystery Kiss quiet yet ambitious, will be played by Yuki Ito. Yuki Mitsuya, Mystery Kiss’s relaxed and innocent member, will be portrayed by Momoko Kobayashi. Hiroyuki Toritani will take on the role of Yamamoto, the manager of Mystery Kiss. Imai, a devoted fan of Rui, will be played by Yu Inaba.

Atsushi Shinohara will act as Odogawa, the original Odd Taxi anime’s protagonist. Taeko, the owner of an izakaya that Odogawa visits often, will be played by Naoko Yoshimoto. Jiro Masanobu will portray Kakihana, a frequent customer at Taeko’s izakaya. Kazuhito Tomikawa will appear as Daimon, a police officer. Endo Yuto will take on the role of Kabasawa, a college student and newbie YouTuber. Dobu, a yakuza thug will be played by Masaki Miura. Yano, a yakuza lieutenant who is always rapping, will be portrayed by Eita Okuno. Kōta Yamaguchi will be seen as Sekiguchi, who is subordinate to Yano. Donraku Shofutei, a popular rakugo performer, will be played by Takashi Matsuo. Ikkei Watanabe will act as Kuroda, Dobu, and Yano’s superior in the yakuza. The comedy pair Diane’s Atsuhiro Tsuda and Yūsuke will reprise their roles from the anime as the manzai comedy duo Homosapiens. Atsuko Fukuda, Sachiko Nakagome, and Shūjirō Masa will also make appearances.

Image credit: Twitter account of Odd Taxi

The series will have its premiere on
TV Tokyo
in April.

Takafumi Tsuchiya is the series’ director and writer.

The RoOT/Route of Odd Taxi’s manga initiated in February 2023 on the Big Comic Superior’s web manga site, Darupana, as a part of the project with the same name.

The Odd Taxi anime series debuted in Japan in April 2021 and included 13 episodes. Crunchyroll brought the anime to Western audiences.


The plot revolves around Odokawa, a 41 years old eccentric and reticent taxi driver who has no family and doesn’t socialize much. He, however, engages in conversations with his passengers, including, a nurse with a hidden secret, a college student who wishes to be famous, a comedian who has not found success, a thug from the street, and a rising idol star. These conversations lead him to a girl who has mysteriously vanished.

The manga creator Konomoto (Seto Utsumi) is the writer of the anime. It was directed by Baku Kinoshita with the assistance of Norio Nitta while the characters were designed by Hiromi Nakayama and Kinoshita. Kohhei Yoshida was the recording director at Pony Canyon Enterprise. Musicians PUNPEE, VaVa, and OMSB took care of the music while the music production was managed by Pony Canyon with help from Summit, Inc. The anime was produced by P.I.C.S. and OLM, and P.I.C.S. was also credited for the original work and planning.

The Odd Taxi: In the Woods movie is a “reconstruction” of episodes from the TV anime, but it also reveals events post the TV anime’s ending. The film launched in 34 theaters in Japan in April 2022, ranking at #10 and grossing 52 million yen (approximately US$4,23,685) in its opening weekend. The TV anime’s cast and crew made a reappearance, with ASMIK Ace in charge of distribution. Crunchyroll is streaming the film.

Odd Taxi: Diamond wa Kizutsukanai, a stage play inspired by the TV anime, ran at Otemachi Mitsui Hall in Tokyo from January 25-31, 2023 and at Cool Japan Park Osaka TT Hall in Osaka from February 4-5, 2023.

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