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Ryō Ryūsei Cast in Live-Action Acma:Game Series

The official webpage for the real-life adaptation of the manga Acma:Game, originally created by Kōji Megumi and Meebu, announced on Monday that actor Ryō Ryūsei (featured in costume below) will be a part of the cast. Ryūsei will portray Senya Uesugi, a shrewd gambler who seeks the greatest enjoyment in life.

Photo Credit: ACMA:GAME series’ Twitter page

Photo Credit: Model Press Twitter page

The manga revolves around Teruaki Oda, a high school senior who is notably intelligent, attractive, and affluent. This seemingly ideal representative of Japan’s influential Oda Group becomes entangled in a chaos-filled game with the progeny of the Belmont mafia’s leader.

Shōtarō Mamiya (known for his roles in live-action Tokyo Revengers films as Tetta Kisaki, Blue Giant‘s Yukinori Sawabe) takes on the role of Teruaki Oda in the series. Juri Tanaka from the group SixTONES portrays Ui Saitō, a friend of Oda from their middle school days. The character of Yūki Manabe is played by Kotone Furukawa.

The series is directed by Tōya Satō, Shunsuke Kariyama, and Kento Matsuda with screenplay being handled by Yoshihiro Izumi and Junichirō Taniguchi. The music for the series is composed by Yūgo Kanno.

The show is set to make its debut on NTV come April.

The manga was originally brought to life by artist Megumi and content creator Meebu in Kodansha‘s Weekly Shōnen Magazine in April 2013. It concluded with the 22nd volume in April 2017. The series is available in English through K MANGA service.

All 11 volumes of Megumi’s Bloody Monday manga were published by Kodansha USA. Following this, Megumi illustrated the sequels Bloody Monday Season 2: Pandora no Hako and Bloody Monday: Last Season.

Megumi shares a familial bond with Girlfriend, Girlfriend manga creator Hiroyuki and is his elder sister. Around the time when Megumi started Acma:Game in the Weekly Shōnen Magazine, Hiroyuki was publishing his Aho Girl series in the same magazine. The instance of siblings working together on the same magazine was notable and previously seen in the 1990s when Tetsuya Chiba and his younger brother Tarō Nami simultaneously worked on Ashita Tenki ni Naare and Hakkeyoi respectively for Weekly Shōnen Magazine. However, Hiroyuki decided to move Aho Girl to Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine in June 2015.

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