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Saku Sakamoto Begins Production of New Animated Short: Calabi-Yau no Sukima

The official website for the animated film The Feast of Amrita (Amrita no Kyôen), a masterpiece by Saku Sakamoto, announced today that Sakamoto’s newest animation short, Calabi-Yau no Sukima, is now in production. A new visual for the animation has also been revealed:

The film, a short animation, portrays the horrors of the “sixth-dimensional world” – akin to Calabi-Yau manifold complexes – a concept which fills humans with dread.

Exact details about the cast and the release date will be released at a later date.

Just as in his previous works, Sakamoto will wear many hats in this new venture – he will take the roles of director, animation producer, creator of the original story, scriptwriter, and musical composer. The only elements of the film that he will not personally handle are the voice acting and sound effects production.

Through a Makuake campaign, Sakamoto was successful in funding his prior film, Aragne: Sign of Vermilion. By March 2017, the campaign had reached its goal of 2 million yen. A subsequent fundraising effort through Kickstarter, was organised from September to October 2017, aimed at translating the title into English and screening it at festivals, which culminated in the film being screened at Montreal’s Fantasia Festival in July 2018.

A spin-off of this prior film, The Feast of Amrita (Amrita no Kyôen) was released in Japan just last May – despite being initially slated for release in 2021, it was delayed due to the impact of COVID-19.

Sakamoto began his career as a freelance animator in 2002. He has worked on projects such as Minna no Uta for the NHK, and has also gained experience in 3D animation as evidenced by his work on Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence. Sakamoto famously produced a short animation in 2014 to promote tourism for the city of Matsuyama.

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