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Samurai Anime: Elusive Character Video & Visual Highlight of Kojirō

The official television anime site for the manga created by Yusei Matsui, titled The Elusive Samurai (Nigejōzu no Wakagimi), revealed an exciting promotional video and a character visual for Kojirō this Wednesday. The character is voiced by the talented Mari Hino.


The anime show is scheduled to hit the screens for the first time, or
in 2024.

The voices for the lead roles in the anime will be performed by the aspiring voice actors Asaki Yuikawa in the role of Hojo Tokiyuki, and Yūichi Nakamura in the role of Suwa Yorishige.

The vocal cast includes:

The overall direction of the anime will be handled by Yuta Yamazaki who previously worked as the assistant director for Wonder Egg Priority and directed the series Love Rice. The anime will be produced at CloverWorks, while Yasushi Nishiya (whose past projects include chief animation director for Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us and Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!) will be designing the characters.

The manga is being simultaneously published in English in digital form by Viz Media and MANGA Plus as the chapters premiere in Japan.

Furthermore, Viz Media is also offering the manga in print form. Their description of the first volume is as follows:

Following his family’s murder at the hands of the traitor Ashikaga Takauji, Tokiyuki sets off on a journey with a few loyal followers who have also managed to escape the onslaught. Among them is Suwa Yorishige, a supporter of the Hojo clan and leader of the Suwa province. Yorishige, who appears to have some quirky behaviors, predicts that Tokiyuki will eventually rise to rule Japan. Right now, though, the focus is on evading their pursuers and surviving!

Matsui, who is celebrated for his works like Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro and Assassination Classroom, started the manga series in Weekly Shonen Jump in January 2021 and it is still running.

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