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Seven Seas Acquires Witch and Mercenary Light Novel, Hatsune Miku: Cantarella Manga Licenses

Image courtesy of Seven Seas Entertainment

Seven Seas Entertainment announced on Wednesday that it has acquired the rights to the Witch and Mercenary light novel, Cat Companions Maruru and Hachi manga, and Hatsune Miku: Cantarella ~Poison of Blue~ manga.

The first volume of the light novel Witch and Mercenary, authored by Chohokiteki Kaeru and Kanase Benchi, is scheduled for print release bySeven Seasin October. Furthermore, an early digital release is also in the works. The narrative depicted by Seven Seas is as follows:

Loathed by many as the embodiment of horror and dread, witches, with their power to cause floods, ignite flames, and even annihilate entire nations, are believed to be the most lethal beings in existence. This perceived menace makes Siasha a target, forcing her into many deadly conflicts. After one such confrontation, Siasha joins forces with a mercenary named Zig. They set out on an expedition to find a haven where Siasha can live peacefully. Their journey, however, is fraught with hidden magic and savage creatures.

The online serialization of Chohokiteki Kaeru’s story began on the Shōsetsuka ni Narō website in June 2021 and concluded in December 2022. The first print volume featured illustrations by Kanase Benchi and was published by Micro Magazine in May 2023. The second volume was published in September 2023, and the third volume is set to be released on March 19.

A manga adaptation by Makoto Miyagi was launched on the Magazine Pocket manga app on January 28. The adaptation will be published in English by Kodansha‘s K MANGA service.

Image courtesy of Seven Seas Entertainment

Seven Seas has announced that it will release the first volume of Yuri Sonoda’s manga Cat Companions Maruru and Hachi both digitally and in print in August. The company provided this synopsis for the manga:

Maruru, a spoiled pet cat, loses his way after chasing a mob of sparrows and encounters a tough stray cat named Hachi in a new territory. Although Hachi initially shoos Maruru away, they find common ground after Maruru assists Hachi in a tight spot, leading them to join forces in tackling the harsh street life together.

Yuri Sonoda launched the manga on Kodansha‘s Comic Days manga website in December 2021. The manga’s fourth volume was published byKodansha in October 2023.

Image courtesy of Seven Seas Entertainment

Seven Seas is expected to publish the manga Hatsune Miku: Cantarella ~Poison of Blue~ by WhiteFlame and Ichika in September. The manga is described by the company as follows:

Set in 15th-century Italy, the story revolves around Cesare, the eldest son of the infamous Borgia family. Cesare discovers his unknown sister Lucrezia and inherits a family poison known as “Cantarella.” The narrative unfolds as Cesare (portrayed by Kaito) meets Lucrezia (Hatsune Miku) for the first time.

The manga is adapted from a song titled “Cantarella” by produer Kurousa-P.WhiteFlame and Ichika published the manga inKadokawa‘s Age Premium digital comic magazine in 2012. A compiled book volume for the manga was published by Kadokawa.

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