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Shion Miura’s Run With the Wind Novel English Release by HarperCollins

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HarperCollins recently
informed ANN that they have plans to publish
Shion Miura‘s
Run with the Wind novel,
also known by its original Japanese title as
Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru. The translated English version of the book will be released under HarperVia’s banner in a hardcover edition on the 15th of October. The book will contain 464 pages and will be sold at a retail price of US$30. Yui Kajita is the individual responsible for the English translation of the novel.

An e-book version and an audiobook version of the novel will also be made available.

A description of the novel was shared by HarperVia:

Starting with an act of petty theft of some loaves of bread on a cold March night, Kakeru Kurahara – an ex-high school track and field champion – finds himself running through the streets of western Tokyo, just as the new academic year rolls in at Kansei University. Despite his past disillusionment towards the sport, each step on the asphalt revives his suppressed passion as he contemplates the idea of running indefinitely, but he finds himself grappling with questions of where to and why. While he successfully evades the shopkeeper on his tail, a mysterious university student named Haiji Kiyose, also a runner, eventually catches up to him.

Impressed by Kakeru’s athletic prowess, Kiyose persuades him to join him at Chikusei-so – a dilapidated dormitory that houses eight other boys. Among the peculiar characters in the dorm are identical twins Jota and Joji, diligent student Shindo, process-oriented Yuki, trivia buff King, Tanzanian foreign student Musa, nicotine-addicted Nico, and manga otaku Prince. What none of the boys realize, except Kiyose, is that Chikusei-so has a storied past as the traditional home of Kansei University’s Track and Field dorm, and Kakeru fits the profile that Kiyose has been on the lookout for.

During a welcoming party for Kakeru, Kiyose discloses his ambitious plan to assemble a running squad of ten athletes to participate in the legendary Hakone Ekiden relay race marathon for colleges, with nationwide television coverage. The only hiccup in his plan is that apart from Kakeru and himself, the other residents of Chikusei-so have little athletic prowess or interest to partake. Nevertheless, with only a training period of 10 months and persuasive efforts by Kiyose, this motley bunch commits to chasing this daunting goal, discovering more about themselves in the journey.

A heartrendingly inspirational story, Run with the Wind beautifully portrays the essence of running as a bonafide celebration of individuality, community, and the power of wind.

The novel was first brought out in Japan by Shinchosha in 2006 in September and has since birthed a live-action film in 2009 and a 23-episode anime television series in 2018. The series was streamed by Crunchyroll and HIDIVE during its original airing period and was subsequently launched on home video by Sentai Filmworks.

The novel has also served as the inspiration behind a stage adaptation and a manga series.

Other creative pieces by Miura that have been translated into English include The Easy Life in Kamusari, Kamusari Tales Told at Night, and The Great Passage, the latter of which led to a live-action film in 2013, a 2016 anime series, and a live-action series due to launch in February.

HarperVia has earlier brought to light novels such as The Tatami Galaxy and The Tatami Time Machine Blues. The division is also set to publish Park Seolyeon’s A Magical Girl Retires novel in English on the 30th of April. Kim Sanho is the illustrator behind this novel, and Anton Hur is the translator.

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