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SPY×FAMILY Code: White Film Hits 4.41 Billion Yen, Tops 3rd Weekend at #1

SPY×FAMILY Code: White
has gathered a significant crowd with 3.29 million tickets sold, reaching a combined total of 4.41 billion yen (equivalent to US$30.6 million), after its 18th day of release. To date, it continues to hold the top position at the Japanese box office for three consecutive weekends.

This film boasted sales of 2.08 million tickets within its first 10 days of screening (from December 22-31), accumulating a total revenue of 2.8 billion yen (approximately US$19.47 million). As of January 3, which marked its 13th day of screening, the film sold an impressive 2.59 million tickets and garnered a total of 3.4 billion yen (approximately US$23.62 million).

The anime movie premiered in Japan on December 22. The film presents an entirely new storyline, not based on previous material. In just the first three days of its release, it sold 866,000 tickets and drew in 1.224 billion yen (around US$8.61 million). With 585,000 tickets sold from December 29-31, the film garnered around 800 million yen (nearly US$5.56 million).

Crunchyroll will show the film in North America in 2024, and provided the following synopsis:

Loid, a spy, and Yor, an assassin, have been putting up a front of being the ideal family while living double lives. Unknown to them, their adopted daughter Anya, a telepath, is aware of their thrilling secrets. Their weekend winter getaway is actually Loid’s attempt to make headway on his current mission Operation Strix, which soon gets complicated when Anya accidentally gets involved, inciting a chain of events that could jeopardize world peace!

The original creator of the manga, Tatsuya Endō, has been credited for the original work and character designs for the film. WIT STUDIO and CloverWorks collaborated again for this animation with Takashi Katagiri directing the film and Ichiro Okouchi writing the script.

New performers joining the cast include Tomoya Nakamura who takes on the role of Dmitri; Kento Kaku playing Luka; Banjou Ginga performing as Snijder; and Shunsuke Takeuchi who features as Type F.

The second season of the television anime debuted on October 7 with its first half premiering in April 2022. Crunchyroll streamed the first half as it aired and also streamed an English dubbed version. The second half started in Japan in October 2022, with Crunchyroll providing a live stream.

Viz Media is presenting Tatsuya Endō‘s original manga in English.

The anime film’s partnership with the Street Fighter 6 fighting game initiated on Tuesday and is set to conclude on January 31.

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