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Switch Physical English Release for Cosmic Fantasy Collection

Limited Run Games declared on Tuesday that it plans to distribute a hard copy version of the Cosmic Fantasy and Cosmic Fantasy 2 games for the Nintendo Switch console. The Cosmic Fantasy Collection can be pre-ordered up until February 11.

The Deluxe Edition of the game bundle offers a pin, a poster, a CD containing the game’s music, along with a vintage-style slipcover. An option to pre-order a vinyl record of the game’s soundtrack is available as well.

This collection of games will feature brand-new English translations for both games, provided by Edia. The Cosmic Fantasy Collection initially launched in Japan for the Nintendo Switch in December 2022.

The original Cosmic Fantasy game first made its entrance in 1990 for the PC Engine platform in Japan, followed by its sequel Cosmic Fantasy 2 in 1991 released for TurboGrafX CD, which arrived in the North American markets in 1992. Both games were crafted by Nippon Telenet.

The game series further led to the creation of a 42-minute Cosmic Fantasy OAV in 1994.

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