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Symphony Smartphone Game takt op. Ends Service in Japanese, English on April 9

The official Japanese and English Twitter handles for the
takt op. Symphony
takt op. Unmei wa Akaki Senritsu no Machi o) mobile game, part of the
takt op.
(“takt opus” in pronunciation) franchise by
Bandai Namco Arts
DeNA, announced on Thursday that the game’s service will be discontinued from April 9th. According to the team behind the game, despite their best attempts to improve and maintain service, creating satisfying content for Conductors in the game became increasingly challenging.

The game made its debut on June 28th.

The game developers, Bandai Namco Arts and DeNA explained the game’s concept as follows:

takt op. Symphony revolves around the theme of classical music. It unfolds in a world where this sort of music ceased to exist. The Musicarts are the only hope left to fight against the Despair Dolls and prevent their world’s destruction. The Musicarts are essentially personifications of legendary classical compositions, spanning from Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 to Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. Strategical decisions are the key to success in the battle that is fought to restore hope. Selecting the right time to employ powerful skills and abilities could make or break your fight against opponents.

In the world of takt op. Symphony, the Musicarts’ memories reflecting their life and battle experiences are a pivotal tool in the player’s strategy, eliciting varying effects according to the Musicart used.

Originally slated for a 2021 release, the game’s launch got postponed.

takt op. Destiny, one of the television anime endeavors associated with the project, first aired in October 2021, and spanned 12 episodes. It was streamed live by Crunchyroll and an English dub was added in April 2022 to allow more audiences easy access.

Kino introduced a manga version of the anime in the magazine Comic Alive published by Kadokawa in August 2022.

The franchise was originally conceived by DeNA and Ouji Hiroi (creator of Sakura Wars), with LAM responsible for the original character designs. Renowned pianist Marasy was the project’s key pianist, with artist yish taking care of the background concept art. In addition, musical research advice was provided by the orchestral conductor Hirofumi Kurita.

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