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Takashi Sano’s Manga ‘Kimi ga Kemono ni Naru Mae ni’ to have Live-Action Series in April

TV Tokyo declared on Friday its plans to create a live-action series based on the original manga of Takashi Sano, named Kimi ga Kemono ni Naru Mae ni (Before You Become a Beast). The series kickoff is scheduled for April 5, with Hiromitsu Kitayama taking on the lead role as Hajime Kanzaki.

Photo from the Twitter account of Kimi ga Kemono ni Naru Mae ni live-action

The focus of the manga series is on Hajime Kanzaki, a 31-year-old individual who runs a funeral home. He serendipitously reunites with an old childhood friend, a well-known 26-year-old actress Kotone Kidō, resulting in an unexpected overnight encounter. Parting the following morning, Kotone leaves Hajime with a mysterious comment: “You were the only one who could have stopped me”. That very night, a destructive gas attack by terrorists unfolds at a city train station, causing the demise of 666 people. From the televised coverage of the attack, Hajime recognizes the assailant in a gas mask, who turns out to be Kotone, as she reveals her identity before succumbing to the same fate. Following this catastrophic event, Hajime finds himself entangled in the subsequent probe.

The original manga by Sano was first published in Kodansha‘s Weekly Young Magazine in October 2021, and wrapped up in March 2023. Kodansha released the eighth and last volume of the series in May 2023.

Sano had earlier illustrated the manga series Back When You Called Us Devils (Kimi ga Bokura wo Akuma to Yonda Koro). The manga was launched via Kodansha‘s Magazine Pocket app in 2017, and completed with its 14th volume in October 2020.

The publishing arm of Kodansha USA is distributing the manga in English, with the 14th volume coming out in June 2022.

Sources: TV Tokyo, Comic Natalie

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