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Taku Kuwabara Releases New Manga Dedicated to Ronflex

The renowned manga author Taku Kuwabara, celebrated for his work on Drifting Dragons, has extended his creative prowess to a brand new Pokémon manga, as revealed on the X account of the Project Kabigon (Project Snorlax) on January 19. The fresh work is called Kabigon no Yume Gourmet, which translates into The Dream Gourmet of Snorlax and is set to unfold across six chapters.

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The storyline revolves around Kuruma, a Uva University student engrossed in developing a ‘dream scanner’, an innovative contraption capable of converting people’s dreams into audible frequencies. She is particularly focused on exploring the dreams of Snorlax and how they morph based on the type of food it consumes.

The Kabigon Project, orchestrated under the aegis of the Pokémon franchise, aims at highlighting different quirks and nuances of fan-favorite Snorlax.

Kuwabara is renowned for his manga Drifting Dragons, originally published in the Good! Afternoon and the 16th volume of which got published in November 2023. It can be availed in France through Pika.

An anime adaptation was rolled out in January 2020 as a part of the [Ultra+] program of the Fuji TV channel. It became exclusive to Netflix in Japan in January 2020 as well, and the episodes can also be accessed in France.

The most recent installation in the franchise, the series Pokémon: New Horizons, hit the screens in April 2023, marked by a remarkable one-hour special episode.

Source: Comic Natalie

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