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Tarō Nami, Manga Creator, Passes Away at 79

On Tuesday, Kodansha’s periodical, the Monthly Shōnen Magazine, mourned the loss of renowned manga designer, Tarō Nami (officially known as Shigeyuki Chiba). The mourning was initiated by a blog post from Nami’s older brother and esteemed manga creator, Tetsuya Chiba, who confirmed that Nami peacefully passed away on December 30 at 6:30 p.m. in the comfort of his home, surrounded by his family and numerous beloved grandchildren. A photograph commemorating Nami’s final rites, provided by Tetsuya Chiba, was also shared. At the time of his death, Nami was 79 years old.

Image taken from Tetsuya Chiba’s blog

Nami, the youngest among four manga creator siblings, hailed from a gifted and artistic lineage. The eldest brother was Tetsuya Chiba, followed by Kensaku Chiba, the president of Chiba Production, and the late Akio Chiba, another brother.

During his distinguished career, Nami contributed to multiple critically acclaimed manga like Eleven, 4P Tanaka-kun, Hakkeyoi, Kazehikaru, Dreams, and Sora no Platanus. Tetsuya Chiba also acknowledged Nami’s role as a narrative counselor to himself and his brother, Akio Chiba.

Information acquired from Monthly Shōnen Magazine, Tetsuya Chiba‘s blog, & Oricon

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