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The Do-Over Damsel Anime Reveals Staff for Dragon Emperor Conquest

Kadokawa, a leading Japanese book publisher, has just announced the production team working on the anime TV series adapted from the light novels “The Do-Over Damsel Conquers the Dragon Emperor”, authored by acclaimed Japanese writer, “Sarasa Nagase”. Indeed, as a bonus, a glimpse of the visual aesthetic of the novel was revealed.

Furthermore, Kadokawa has also released a mesmerizing illustration art to commemorate the upcoming release of the anime TV series, contributed by original character designer Mitsuya Fuji.


In terms of the production team, Kentarô Suzuki, known for “Le Requiem du Roi des Roses” and “Angel of Death”, is in charge of directing the anime adaptation at J.C. Staff. Script supervision is provided by Atsuo Ishino, renowned for “Chihayafuru 2” and “A Certain Scientific Railgun T”, while character design falls under the expertise of Sana Komatsu, responsible for “The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3” designs.

The much-awaited anime adaptation is scheduled for a release this year.


The original novels first appeared on the Shôsetsuka ni Narô website back in November 2019, with the latest chapter landing on April 26. Its debut volume, featuring illustrations by Fuji, was released in March 2020. Although it has not been released in France, an English edition is available from Cross Infinite World, a company specializing in bringing Japanese digital fiction to English speaking audiences.

Additionally, Anko Yuzu has been converting the novels into a manga since July 2020 for Comp Ace. Their fourth volume was release in December of last year. Fans can find English translations from Yen Press under the title “The Second-Chance Noble Daughter Sets Out to Conquer the Dragon Emperor”, with the first volume released in August.

The story is centered around Jill, who finds herself sentenced to death by her fiance, the prince. Right before her imminent death, she is transported back six years to the time when her engagement was arranged. In her determination to defy her fate, she randomly asks the person behind her to marry her, only to discover that it’s her sworn enemy, Emperor Hadis! She swiftly attempts to backpedal her words, but he takes her to his castle and offers her a delicious meal… which wins her heart.

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