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Tokyo Revengers Last Mission Game Delayed to 2024 Release

Picture provided by the Twitter handle of the Tokyo Revengers Last Mission game

and Kenwood plus
Victor Entertainment
have announced via
that the
Tokyo Revengers Last Mission

video game
created for
platforms 4 and 5,
Switch, as well as iOS, Android and PC through
DMM Games
has been postponed. The new release date remains undefined, aiming for some time in 2024.

The initial release was scheduled for winter 2023, but it was later pushed back to February 2024. We are still accepting pre-registrations for the iOS, Android, and DMM Games versions.

This game will be available free of charge, with in-app purchases for different items, and will explore the main time-travel narrative found in Ken Wakui‘s original manga.

The manga series, created by Wakui, had its debut in the Weekly Shōnen Magazine in March 2017 and concluded in November 2022. Currently, Weekly Shōnen Magazine is publishing the Tokyo Revengers Extra, a spin-off manga about the founders of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Kodansha USA Publishing has taken up the task of launching the manga in English. Their description of the plot is as follows:

Takemichi Hanagaki, while watching the news, discovers that his former middle school girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, has been killed. She was the only girlfriend he’s ever had, and the Tokyo Manji Gang, a band of villains, murdered her. He is living in a shoddy apartment with thin walls and his boss, who is six years younger than him, doesn’t respect him at all. Additionally, he’s entirely inexperienced in love … When his life is at its absolute lowest, he suddenly time-jumps twelve years back to his middle school times!! To protect Hinata and alter his life, which he spent running away from problems, Takemichi, a hopeless part-timer, must aim for the spot of the top of Kanto’s most dangerous delinquent gang!!

There have been three anime TV series and three live-action films inspired by the manga.

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