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TV Anime Confirmed for Akuyaku Reijo Tensei Oji-san

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Michiro Ueyama
announced via
on Thursday that his manga,
Akuyaku Reijō Tensei Oji-san
(The Middle-Aged Man that Reincarnated as a Villainess), will be
into a TV anime series. This development was confirmed in the sixth book volume of the manga series, also released on Thursday.

The manga’s narrative revolves around the character of Kenzaburō Tondabayashi, a 52-year-old government employee who experiences a sudden car accident. When he comes to, he realizes he has been reincarnated as an aristocratic student named Grace Auvergne in a fantasy world’s academy.

Ueyama initiated the manga’s publication in Shonengahosha‘s Monthly Youngking Ours GH magazine in March 2020.

Ueyama’s other manga creations include the series Zoids and Tsumanuda Fight Town. Viz Media released Zoids in English, while JManga and Kadokawa‘s online manga platform BookWalker both made available Tsumanuda Fight Town in a digital format.

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