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Unknown X Launches Marisa of Liartop Mountain, Touhou Digital Tabletop RPG on Steam

During its “Dankagu Shin’nen-kai” Touhou presentation, the Developer Unknown X announced last Friday that it intended to unveil a digital tabletop RPG dubbed Marisa of Liartop Mountain for PC on Steam in 2024. An ad trailer was also broadcasted by the company:

Game context according to Unknown X:

Marisa has disappeared and an enigmatic mountain has emerged! Send Reimu on an adventurous journey through dramatic peaks and valleys, similar to traditional tabletop RPGs where the roll of the dice controls destiny. This adventure proposes a complex narrative inspired by time-honored gamebooks. Alter the course of battles against beasts with a good roll, or adapt to mishaps by pursuing different narrative routes.

A second trailer for its Touhou Dungeon Maker – The Labyrinth of Heart – game on PC via Steam was also published by the company:

The game launch is scheduled for 2024.

Unknown X provides this description for Touhou Dungeon Maker – The Labyrinth of Heart –:

Mystery-filled dungeons brimming with spectral entities have begun to appear throughout Gensokyo, slowly consuming the terrestrial world. Withstand 100 waves of these apparitions with six Touhou heroines including Reisen Udongein Inaba, Satori Komeiji, and Hatano Kokoro. Craft a flawless dungeon to guide enemy spirits into firing lines. Gain XP and bolster friendly female warriors’ strength after each day’s survival. Plumb the depths to find memento clues that will unravel Gensokyo’s ghostly mystery.

In conclusion, Unknown X revealed its collaboration with Undertale originator and composer, Toby Fox, for the original soundtrack “U.N. Owen Was Hero?” in the Touhou Danmaku Kagura Phantasia Lost rhythm smartphone game updated and amplified version. Toby Fox curated the song in a joint effort with the creator of Touhou, ZUN, and the cover art was designed by Undertale’s artist, Temmie Chang.

The game is set to launch on PC via Steam on February 7 and will be available on Nintendo Switch on a yet-to-be-announced date.

The Campfire crowdfunding campaign by Unknown X for the standalone PC version of Touhou Danmaku Kagura Phantasia Lost hit its 15 million yen target (around US$106,000) in a half-hour. Motivated by the success of crowdfunding, Unknown X declared its resolve to release a Switch version. The campaign concluded in January 2023 with total funds of 193,277,283 yen (roughly US$1.36 million), and since Campfire funding exceeded 120 million yen (approximately US$845,000), the Switch game will also get a physical release.

The revised version will include tracks from the original soundtrack and Mitama Cards to unlock characters with illustrations by creatives like Yuu Kamiya and Negi Haruba. Also included is a new story mode penned by Jin Fujisawa and Wakano Takeda from Story Note Co. The game offers a newly conceived control scheme suited to keyboard/mouse or controllers.

About the story, Unknown X discloses:

A mysterious disaster has left Gensokyo, a land where humans and yokai from the Touhou Realm abide, in shambles. Reimu must rally her friends via collecting Mitama Cards to combine their powers and assist in restoring Gensokyo to its former state.

The original smartphone game was introduced in August 2021 and its service ended in October 2022. Since the game’s activation, it has been downloaded by over five million players.

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