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VR Manga “Older Guy’s First Love” Transforms into Live-Action Series in April

Picture courtesy of Kodansha USA

on Wednesday made public its plan to create a live-action series adaptation of
Tomoko Boryoku
‘s beloved
An Older Guy’s VR First Love
VR Ojisan no Hatsukoi
) manga. This fresh series is expected to premiere on
in the month of April.

Top billing in this drama goes to Toru Namaguchi, who portrays protagonist Naoki Endō in his real-life role, while Anna Kurasawa adds vibrancy to the character Naoki—the virtual version of Naoki Endō. Honami is portrayed by Hiroe Igeta. The series is helmed by Teruyuki Yoshida, Tomohiro Kuwano, Shunsuke Nakamura, and Shinichiro Ishikawa. The storyline is crafted by Mash Morino, with Takashi Watanabe handling the musical composition.

Kodansha USA hosts the English version of the manga, which launched officially in November 2022. As per Kodansha USA’s description of the plot:

The story revolves around Naoki, a single middle-aged man employed as a temporary worker. However, his virtual self in the VR world is a charming young girl. His first romantic encounter happens to be with the jovial and pretty Honami.

In the real world, Naoki’s life hasn’t gone as planned. The VR world, his only hideaway, is also coming to a close. In its waning moments, he stumbles upon her…

Boryoku originally published the popular manga on the Ichijinsha‘s Zero-Sum Online platform in 2020. The second compiled volume of the manga hit the market in February 2023 courtesy of Ichijinsha.

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