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“World of Demons” Game Delisted from Apple Arcade on January 18

Picture courtesy of Platinum Games

Platinum Games
‘ web portal relayed on Friday that it will pull its
World of Demons
from the Apple Arcade starting January 18. Already downloaded versions of the game will cease to function from February 1 onwards.

Released for iOS and Android in April 2021, the game’s narrative is detailed on the site as follows:

In World of Demons, an amazing reimagining of medieval Japan, Oni (demons) have laid claim to the mortal realm. The usually peaceful Yokai (beings from Japanese mythology) are now under Oni’s influence and have started to assault humans too. It falls upon a courageous Samurai to rise against the Oni’s menace…

The game provides users the chance to embody different samurai characters. Players also hold the ability to conjure up to three helping Yokai during their fights. Thanks to a touch-sensitive input format, players can use gestures to initiate their attacks, evasive maneuvers, and other moves. Samurai characters are upgradable with diverse weapons and skill sets, with an option for the users to gather Yokai.

Various aspects of the game include a single-player storyline, a competitive Yokai Showdown mode, and a cooperative mode named Samurai Stronghold.

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