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Youichi Takahashi Retires, Halts Prepublication of Manga Captain Tsubasa

The 19th issue of the famous
Captain Tsubasa Magazine,
published by
, made a significant announcement this Friday. The renown mangaka
Youichi Takahashi,
creator of the iconic
Captain Tsubasa,
will retire and cease publication of his extraordinary body of work. The next edition of the magazine will thus be the final one, featuring the last chapters of his mangas
Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun The Final
Captain Tsubasa Memories 4: Saikyô! Meiwa FC Densetsu, with the magazine expected to hit the bookstores early in April.

In his announcement, Takahashi clarifies that over the past several years he has been contemplating whether to continue or to conclude his manga. He estimated that it would have required more than 40 years to finish the story; so, rather than pushing his physical capabilities to the brink, he decided it would be better to cease publication. Takahashi, comfortably over 60, views himself as in good health; however, his farsightedness regularly interferes with his ability to focus, leading to bouts of dizziness. This vision issue, along with structural changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including the shift to digital format and the death of fellow manga creator, Shinji Mizushima early in 2022, led him to this decision. He does, however, plan to continue sketching storyboards after concluding the final chapters of his manga.

The original manga, comprised of 37 volumes, was serialized between 1981 and 1988 in the magazineWeekly Shonen Jump. It is available in French from Glénat Editions, who offer the following plot summary:

The ball is his friend.
Tsubasa is a passionate 11-year-old, whose world revolves around soccer. Moving into a new city, he stumbles upon two rivaling schools arguing over the local soccer pitch. Moved by Wakabayashi, who claims to be Japan’s top goalkeeper, he boldly challenges him to a duel. Tsubasa catches the eye of Roberto, once part of Brazil’s national team, who becomes his personal trainer to help mold this blossoming talent into Japan’s greatest soccer star!
Initially airing in French under the title Olive et Tom, Captain Tsubasa has become the influential manga of an entire generation. It played a significant role in boosting club sign-ups, and changed the face of football forever. Truly legendary in more ways than one.

Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun is about Tsubasa harboring ambitions to represent Japan in the Olympics. It debuted in theGrand Jump (Shueisha) in December 2013, before moving over to Captain Tsubasa Magazine (a spin-off fromGrand Jump) in April 2020.

The manga Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun The Final, considered the “final saga” of the manga series as a whole, was launched in the last year’s April issue ofCaptain Tsubasa Magazine.

Information Source: Comic Natalie

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