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Home MANGA NEWS Doomsday Train Anime: Ad Release, Manga Adaptation & April 1 Debut Details Unveiled

Doomsday Train Anime: Ad Release, Manga Adaptation & April 1 Debut Details Unveiled

A fresh commercial preview for Girls und Panzer and Shirobako director, Tsutomu Mizushima‘s brand new anime Where Does the Doomsday Train Go? (Shūmatsu Train Doko e Iku?) was released this Sunday. The commercial reveals that the anime’s debut is set for April 1.

The creative team also revealed that a manga adaptation of the anime, told from the viewpoint of the character Akira, will start being published on the free manga website KadoComi on March 25.

The initial premier of the anime will occur on the AT-X channel at 9:00 p.m. local time (8:00 a.m. Eastern time) on April 1. Post that, it will go live on Tokyo MX, KBS Kyoto, Sun TV, and BS11.


The storyline of the anime revolves around a town located in an unusual countryside undergoing strange occurrences affecting its residents. Yet, a young girl named Shizuru Chikura remains hopeful for reunification with her lost friend. Along with three other girls, Shizuru boards an abandoned train heading towards the uncertain outside world. They embark on a journey on the “Doomsday Train,” not knowing what awaits them at the last stop.

The characters of the anime are:

Tsutomu Mizushima (Girls und Panzer, Shirobako) is handling the anime’s directing at EMT Squared. Michiko Yokote (Shirobako, Prison School, Cowboy Bebop, Rurouni Kenshin) will oversee the series scripts, and Asako Nishida (Land of the Lustrous, Love Live! School idol project) is in charge of the design of the characters based on designs originally done by namo. She will also be the primary animation director.

Among the other members of the staff are:

The opening theme song, named “GA-TAN GO-TON,” is performed by Rei Nakashima.

Kadokawa made the announcement revealing the anime in celebration of Railway Day, marking the 150th anniversary of the first railway in Japan, back in October 2022.

Note: Kadokawa World Entertainment (KWE), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kadokawa Corporation, is the principal shareholder of Anime News Network, LLC. One or more companies mentioned in this article are members of the Kadokawa Group of Companies (Kadokawa Group of Companies).

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